What happened to FreeLegalWeb?

We wound up FreeLegalWeb CIC and we've now mothballed the website as we weren't able to secure sufficient funding or enthusiasm to move forward as we had originally envisaged.

A good account of the development of FreeLegalWeb is on my blog: FreeLegalWeb: dreaming on.

Most of the articles for the pilot project (which concentrated on housing law) were syndicated from the following sites:

Thanks to these and all others who contributed content.

Legislation metadata was syndicated from legislation.gov.uk. Thanks to John Sheridan. Judgment metadata and parallel citation data was syndicated from BAILII. Thanks to Joe Ury.

Some of the ideas are alive and kicking and will be developed further by me and Robert Casalis de Pury who were co-directors of FreeLegalWeb. We continue to collect the metadata. If you are interested in collaborating in future development, then get in touch.

Nick Holmes, 15 Aug 2013
Email nickholmes@infolaw.co.uk